Love Thy Missionary

Yes, this post is self-serving. But not primarily. As you may know, on Nov. 10, our Evergreen SGV missionary Garrett Inouye has returned to LA after two years of faithful service in Japan. Two years in a completely different culture, … Continue Reading →

Home of street style fashion, underground music, the largest curry festival in Japan…and me and the Kagawas.

The Coolest City in the World

It’s official. I live in the coolest neighborhood in the world. At least according to Vogue Magazine that is. I’m not going to lie, the rankings do seem a bit arbitrary, and you’ll probably find it even more suspicious when … Continue Reading →


A Second Letter from a Missionary Friend

Ian, Hey, it’s me again. Congratulations! You made it an entire year in Japan! It seems like just yesterday you were packing up your stuff and getting ready to move out here. I’d say time sure flies, but easy for me … Continue Reading →


A Different Kind Of Worship Service

I wasn’t looking forward to this semester. Not because I’m getting tired of language study…nor because of my teacher, or my class schedule. Rather, because every summer quarter, my school holds its annual speech contest. All 600ish students are required to … Continue Reading →



I love the beach. In fact for the past 10 years or so, I’ve had this dream of wanting to live by the beach. I fully intend to have a house there one day when the streets are paved with … Continue Reading →

"KARUIZAWA"…thanks Don and Yets for the much needed "K" and "A"!


“What’s the most important thing necessary for getting good at speaking Japanese?” asked my teacher one day, seemingly out of nowhere. “A good teacher?” “Watching TV?” “Studying every day?” Finally, one student gave the answer the teacher was waiting for: “Time.” Whether that … Continue Reading →