"Hold the corn and mayo please…"

Pizza Party

“I love Domino’s Pizza! The half and half Domino’s Deluxe and Spicy Deluxe, Italian crust, with extra tomatoes. I order it nearly once a week!” Didn’t expect to hear that from my 60-something year-old Japanese taxi driver, I thought. “That’s … Continue Reading →


“Where you go I will go…”

“…and where you stay I will stay.” So goes the famous quote from Ruth 1:16. I’m reminded of these words every day. They are written on two plaques that sit in the corner of my room–a farewell present from one … Continue Reading →

Speaking of "natsukashii," look! How about this one from 9 years ago (2005) in Japan with Garrett Inouye?

A New Kind of Natsukashii

Walk around town, take a seat on a train, or turn on the TV in Japan, and you’re guaranteed to hear the word “natsukashii.” If “arigatou” and “ohayou” are the first and second words most foreigners learn when they come … Continue Reading →

But wait…there's more!

More Blessed To Receive

Last semester, my Japanese teacher encouraged me to apply for the quarterly scholarship that the school offers. It is about $1,000. Not enough to cover the entire tuition, but not a small amount of money either. Could I use the … Continue Reading →

A photo very few people here understand.

A Letter From A Missionary Friend

Ian, Hey. It’s me. I heard you’ll be heading to Japan on the 12th of this month. I also heard that though you sense the Lord’s calling to move, you haven’t figured out where you’re going to live, or what … Continue Reading →

Just keep going in the same direction.

Running Through Spring 2013

I go running pretty frequently, but I’m by no means a marathon runner…or a half-marathon runner for that matter. But for some reason a couple months ago, I felt like running. Far. So I put on my running shoes, stretched, … Continue Reading →