A Different Kind Of Worship Service

I wasn’t looking forward to this semester. Not because I’m getting tired of language study…nor because of my teacher, or my class schedule. Rather, because every summer quarter, my school holds its annual speech contest. All 600ish students are required to … Continue Reading →



I love the beach. In fact for the past 10 years or so, I’ve had this dream of wanting to live by the beach. I fully intend to have a house there one day when the streets are paved with … Continue Reading →

"KARUIZAWA"…thanks Don and Yets for the much needed "K" and "A"!


“What’s the most important thing necessary for getting good at speaking Japanese?” asked my teacher one day, seemingly out of nowhere. “A good teacher?” “Watching TV?” “Studying every day?” Finally, one student gave the answer the teacher was waiting for: “Time.” Whether that … Continue Reading →

First Day of School, Jan. 2013…with one of the few signs in Tokyo you'll find translated into English properly!

Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking, Bullying

In just three weeks, Spring Quarter 2014 will be coming to an end. When I first started studying Japanese at my school in Jan. 2013, they told me that based on my placement exam, I’d likely finish by Spring 2014. … Continue Reading →

Baptism…had the best seat in the house…other than the kids.


Start. In Japan, April is the month of “start.” Beginning of the fiscal year. Beginning (and end) of the cherry blossom season. Beginning of the school year. (In fact, on the first day of class for the new semester, we … Continue Reading →

"Hold the corn and mayo please…"

Pizza Party

“I love Domino’s Pizza! The half and half Domino’s Deluxe and Spicy Deluxe, Italian crust, with extra tomatoes. I order it nearly once a week!” Didn’t expect to hear that from my 60-something year-old Japanese taxi driver, I thought. “That’s … Continue Reading →